Foundation Sleeve Assembly

The most common flagpole installation method, the foundation sleeve assembly is fabricated from 16GA. galvanized steel welded to a base plate with a square dimension at least 4″ greater than the outside diameter of the sleeve. A 3/4″ diameter grounding spike is welded to the base plate. Centering wedges are welded inside the assembly to aid in flagpole alignment. A setting plate is welded to the grounding spike to provide the installer with a method of resting the assembly on the bottom of the excavated hole and allowing the concrete to completely encase the unit.

Industry Practice for Encasement

Generally accepted industry practice calls for 1′ of the flagpole to be encased in the ground sleeve assembly for each 10′ of exposed flagpole height and, for ease in vertical alignment of the shaft, the inside diameter of the sleeve should be at least 2″ greater than the flagpole diameter with the area between the flagpole and the sleeve filled with dry sand. If your requirements are not listed below, consult the factory regarding custom sizes or applications.

Each ground sleeve assembly listed below shows a size for the base plate assembly. This is the lower section of the ground sleeve assembly and is fabricated from 3/16″ steel plate with four welded centering wedges, a 3/4″ spike and a 6″ x 6″ setting plate.