20′ External Halyard Fiberglass Flagpole w/4″ Base, 2.75″ Top, 70mph

External Halyard, Ground Set, Cone Tapered Fiberglass Flagpole w. Single Revolving truck for lighter duties.
Halyard and cam cleat on the outside of the pole used to raise and lower the flag. Ideal for residential homes, small businesses.
Butt Diameter: 22″
Shaft Base: 4″
Top Diameter: 2.75″
Max Flag size: 4×6′
Flagged Windspeed: 70 mph
Unflagged Windspeed: 120 mph


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The strength of our fiberglass flagpoles exceed 40,000 psi, allowing for a wind loading capacity of greater than 120 m.p.h. unflagged. Fiberglass flagpoles are non-conductive, negating any grounding requirements and are available in several configurations. They meet the most stringent architectural standards and are certain to enhance the landscape of any business or industrial property. We offer turn-key services from delivery of your flagpole to foundation work and installation.
Our flagpoles include: Gold Anodized Aluminum Ball, Spun Aluminum FC 11 Flash Collar, and a Ground Sleeve Assembly with Lighting Spike.


  • Beacon Light 12V
  • Flags U.S. and State Flags in all maximum sizes
  • Eagle
  • Lock Box
  • Nautical Yardarm
  • Installation
  • Foundation
  • Engineering
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